EA Hires an Experimental Psychology Specialist to Help Shape The Sims’ Future


While The Sims line of games may not be causing as much hype and hype as the brand new games that continue to be released, there is no doubt that Electronic Arts has a very successful franchise. A newly discovered job listing indicates that EA wants to make sure that The Sims continues on its successful path by hiring someone who deeply understands the psychology of players.

As fans of the long-running franchise continue to wait for Sims 5, these players can take comfort in the fact that EA continues to pay special attention to and support The Sims 4, which is already eight years old. Now the company is taking an additional step that can help it understand what players want to see in the next series, whether it’s a new game or another expansion.

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On the official website of Electronic Arts there is a list of vacancies for the so-called “User Experience Researcher”. Among the job responsibilities provided for this position is conducting research activities on several platforms, including consoles, PCs and mobile devices. This research will then take what The Sims players want and are most interested in and pass these ideas on to the development team to help determine the direction of the franchise.

It is clear that EA takes this position seriously, as it is not an entry-level job that anyone who has signed a contract from the street can do. The qualification of the position states that anyone who is hired for this job must have a degree in experimental psychology or something similar. Anyone who meets this specific requirement must also have at least two years of industry experience doing research on multiple platforms. The job listing also explicitly states that the right user experience researcher has extensive experience coordinating research and those he works with to “move forward.”

One of the details omitted from this list of vacancies is what kind of content the research may eventually lead to when it is conducted and shown to the development teams. It is quite possible that such work can be a preparation for the direction in which Sims 5 is moving. However, it may as well collect information about what the next addition should include.

Of course, it’s interesting that Electronic Arts is so carefully studying the preferences of The Sims users. Undoubtedly, it’s worth looking at where the right hiring can help get a franchise.

The Sims 4 is already available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.