EA Executive Admits Kids Shouldn’t Shop on FIFA


FIFA: Loot boxes are one of the best known – and most questioned – microtransaction mechanics in the gaming world. It’s no wonder that EA is always striving to defend the feature, especially in their games that attract young players as well, such as FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

The most recent defense came from Chris Bruzzo, EA’s CXO, who gave an interview to Eurogamer. In the conversation, the executive talked about infamous loot boxes, fully defending the feature, saying that it adds to the fun of the game and that it was actually created to reflect the real-world dynamics of hiring players and making the game more fun. .

“We’ve created these things over a long period of time to really mirror what it feels like, the tough strategic choices you have to make when you’re building a team that works as uniquely as the team you want to manage, with which you want to play.” declared Bruzzo.

One of the main criticisms against this type of mechanic is how much it resembles gambling and betting, something admittedly addictive and with controlled access all over the world, including prohibited in many ways. Bruzzo had never admitted that the FUT system was like a game of chance, but he recognized that it shouldn’t be used by children. – “Children shouldn’t be spending on our game. Children shouldn’t be spending on FIFA.”


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