EA Denies Rumor That It Would Put Advertising In Its Games


EA: Recently, some rumors began to circulate that Electronic Arts would place advertising in its games, which left fans of the company’s franchises quite annoyed, especially if this was to happen in paid games and not just free to play ones. Fortunately, the company didn’t delay in commenting and said that none of this will happen.

EA responded to website VG247 saying that it is not interested in inserting advertising like the ones we see on television in their games. Other than that, a representative of the company also communicated that they have not made any agreement to have advertisements like that in their future titles.

Finally, the EA representative also mentioned that their main focus is on providing the best possible experience for players. While some fans may have arguments to disagree with this statement, at least it looks like we won’t be seeing commercials in EA’s games anytime soon.

Of course, we’ve already started to see more brands appearing in games, as was the case with the energetic Monster Energy being unabashedly shown in Death Stranding, but commercials in the middle of the game would be a much more disruptive step than that. And you, do you think there will ever be a time when games will actually have commercials like the ones we see on TV? Comment your opinion below!


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