EA Could Be The Next Publisher To Be Sold, Says Publication


EA: After Microsoft announced it was acquiring Activision Blizzard, in a multibillion-dollar deal that shook the games market this week, one question has been lingering in the air: what will be the next big publisher to be bought in the near future?

The Financial Times claims to have a possible answer. Or at least a hypothesis (or even a calculated guess). In a report published recently, the newspaper suggests that Electronic Arts should be the next company in the world of games to be absorbed by a bigger one.

The vehicle cites the precarious relationship with FIFA as one of the reasons why the publisher ends up being one of the targets of a possible acquisition.

Focusing on sports games, which, due to expensive contracts, need to reach as many players as possible, the report believes that hardly one of the major console manufacturers would be interested in buying EA.

The text, however, also points out that Electronic Arts owns several other heavyweight games not related to the world of sports, such as The Sims and Apex Legends. On top of that, there are Star Wars franchise titles like Jedi Fallen Order and Battlefront — but the company lost the exclusivity deal.

According to a report by GameSpot, the CEO of Blizzard cites that Activision-Blizzard was not the only company to have purchase negotiations, giving more strength to the rumor.