EA completes acquisition of Codemasters


Eletronic Arts completed the acquisition of Codemasters, which cost $ 1.2 billion, and now owns the studio responsible for game franchises like Dirt and Formula 1. The company sent a press release confirming the deal and also celebrated on the networks social.

In a Twitter post, Eletronic Arts celebrates Codemasters’ arrival in the “EA family”. The publication even received responses from other famous brand accounts, including the profile of the Need For Speed ​​game series and the Criterion Games studio.

With the acquisition, Eletronic Arts intends to become a reference in racing games. “Our teams will be a global powerhouse in racing entertainment, with incredible games for players on all platforms, and we can’t wait to get started,” said EA Games CEO Andrew Wilson.

Independence for Codemasters

Eletronic Arts also said that despite the acquisition, Codemasters will still exist as a studio. According to the gaming giant, the company will act independently, receiving only support from EA.

“We will treat Codemasters studios as an independent group in the near future, giving them all the support they need to deliver their games,” explained Matt Bilbey, executive vice president of Eletronic Arts. “We will be ready to fuel its growth capabilities with EA’s distribution power.”

Codemasters is one of the leading companies in the racing game segment today. In addition to being responsible for famous game series like Formula 1 and Dirt, the company also owns Slightly Mad, creator of the Project Cars franchise.

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The latest game produced by Codemasters is Dirt 5, which will be released soon on the Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox. The company has yet to announce projects under the new command, but Eletronic Arts has already shown interest in putting the EA Sports label on the next title in the Formula 1 franchise.

“We believe that the opportunity to partner with Codemasters Formula 1 and EA Sports is an attractive proposal to reach even more fans


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