EA Changes Name From DiRT To EA Sports Rally On Social Media


DiRT: In a change in strategy for future plans, Electronic Arts announced that it is dropping the DiRT name on its social media and switching all of its contact channels to EA Sports Rally.

The Twitter page, for example, already displays the new name. However, the address still remains under the name DiRT (twitter.com/dirtgame), and this may still take some time to change — if that change actually occurs.

There are reports on the network that this name change may have some association with the company’s new plans to work World Rally Championship as its next game of the style. Tom Henderson, a leaker already known to several people, even points out that the company will no longer dedicate itself to DiRT and, therefore, there was a name change on its social networks.

It is also worth remembering that, at the end of last year, the news that DiRT Rally 3 had been canceled may have taken some people by surprise. However, with the development of the World Rally Championship happening at the same time and this change in focus, it is easy to understand why the company abandoned the old franchise.

As for the World Rally Championship, the most likely guess is that it will hit stores in 2023, but this data has not yet been confirmed by Codemasters or Electronic Arts.