EA CEO Officially Confirms The Sims 5 Is On The Road


The Sims series, developed by Maxis, is one of the most successful video game series of all time, according to many. It was wondering when the new game of the series, which was the last game with the 4th game, will be released. EA CEO Andrew Wilson officially announced that the Sims 5 is on the way today.

The news that players who have been thinking about Sims 5 for a while has been waiting has finally arrived. Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, the publisher of the game, gave that good news about the Sims 5 that players have been waiting for.

Wilson; He stated that while the game characters were improved and new characters were more fun and realistic, the new game would come soon. The news doesn’t stop there. Wilson has another piece of news that will excite players.

Sims 5 will be released for many platforms:
Wilson said in a statement that Sims 5 will also be released for new platforms. So Sims 5 will also be playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Wilson announced that Sims can also be played on cloud-based gaming platforms and social media.

Informing the players that they want to gain good experiences on these platforms and that the game is still in development, Wilson did not give a clear date to the question of when the game will be released.

Players will be able to include themselves in the game:
Another feature expected in Sims 5 is that the game is online and players can incorporate their own characters into the game. Wilson notes that they want the players to have a nice and fun time in the Sims universe with their friends. After all these innovations, the excited waiting of Sims fans seems to continue.

Since we are at the beginning of the year, there is no definite information about when the game will come out, but we can say that the development of the game continues rapidly. It is unknown when the launch date will be announced, but it is estimated that the game will be released in 2020. In short, players may end up waiting for Sims 5 this year.


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