EA apologizes for his fullscreen ads in UFC 4


EA apologized to the players for displaying full screen ads on the UFC 4 game. The issue came to the fore after the angry posts of the actors on Reddit. According to the news on the Eurogamer site, one month after the release of the game, which has a sales price of 60 dollars abroad, players started to encounter full screen ads in the game.

In the post made by EA on Reddit, it was pointed out that the ads were placed at the “replay” moments. The company also argued that this type of advertising inventory is not new to the UFC series. However, the advertisements shown in the game until now have been limited to certain squares in the main menu or placements on the ring.

Despite this defense, EA didn’t waste much time backing down. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the complaints from the players regarding the issue were taken into consideration and these advertisements would not be shown. EA did not neglect to apologize to its players who said that the game experience was negatively affected by the ads.

EA has also announced that it will no longer show full-screen ads in the game to provide the best experience for UFC 4 players.


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