EA Announces The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu


The Sims will travel to an Outer Rim planet to meet some of the most famous characters in the universe created by George Lucas.

Electronic Arts, Maxis and Lucasfilm have announced a new content pack for one of the most successful games on the market. The Sims 4 Star War: Journey to Batuu was uncovered during the Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020, the digital version of the most important European video game fair. In a press release, EA has revealed more details about this new pack, which will go on sale on September 8 on PC (Origin and Steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4, at a recommended price of 19.99 euros. You can see the presentation trailer on these lines.

This content takes place on a distant planet in the Outer Rim, a location inspired by Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, at the Disneyland Resort amusement park. Once The Sims land with their special ships, they will be able to see first-hand the Millennium Falcon or Oga’s Cantina, but also characters like Rey or Kylo Ren. How could it be otherwise, they will have the opportunity to brandish their own lightsaber and own a droid to accompany them on their adventures and misadventures.

“With The Sims, we’ve always strived to create content that pushes players’ imaginations beyond their limits, allowing them to tell fun and unique stories through video games, and with The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu they can take your Sims on an adventure to the edge of the galaxy, “says Lyndsay Pearson, Executive Producer and CEO of The Sims. “As huge Star Wars fans, we set out to create an authentic and immersive Star Wars experience so that players could express themselves and enjoy the deep storytelling possibilities of The Sims.”

Choose your way

In this content we will be allowed to choose the faction in which we are going to work and visit the Black Needle outpost. There, we can choose to support Rey and Vi Moradi, if we are part of the Resistance, or opt for the dark side, with Kylo Ren and the First Order at the helm. Those who are only interested in credits can speak with Hondo Ohnaka to put the cause aside and focus solely on making money. As the adventure progresses, Sims will increase their reputation, unlock new artifacts and unique clothing, customize their own droids, and create their coveted lightsaber.

“We loved the idea of ​​giving players the opportunity to tell their own Star Wars story, with a new open form of storytelling and self-expression where The Sims becomes the perfect platform to do so,” said Douglas Reilly, vice president of Lucasfilm. Games. “Our fans are always looking for new ways to immerse themselves in the Star Wars galaxy, and we hope The Sims will provide a new, exciting and unexpected way to do so, where they will influence the world of Batuu and find their destiny in the galaxy as it seems better to them ”.


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