E3 apologizes for publishing a women’s games article


The organization acknowledges the mistake. This article was linked to the enhancement of several keywords related to “girl games”.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA), in charge and organizer of E3, has deleted a controversial message posted on Twitter this Tuesday, August 18, which referred to an article dedicated to video games for women. Then, the official account has apologized with a message where they acknowledge the mistake made by incurring stereotypes.

“We have deleted the post and we apologize for perpetuating a harmful stereotype”

Just minutes after the publication of the message, entitled “List of games that women gamers are playing – are any of your favorites on the list”, hundreds of people replied, making it appear that the ESA was incurring a stereotypical list. The accusations of sexism were not begged either.

“We were wrong,” says the official E3 Twitter account in a message posted on Tuesday night. “We have deleted the post and we apologize for perpetuating a harmful stereotype. We will try to improve ”, they acknowledge.

A list of games geared towards SEO optimization

Now, what was inside the article, exactly? According to Gamespot, the article linked to the original E3 tweet led to the following publication “25 Online Games That Women Enjoy on Parade”; it was optimized for the website to gain authority in Google searches. In its labels, the keyword “women play” was the main one and other tags such as “Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood” or “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” appeared.

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However, ESA continues to study how to relaunch interest in E3, canceled in its 2020 edition in light of the COVID-19 crisis around the planet. Although it is early to know if the already confirmed E3 2021 will or will not take place physically, in person, the schedule has a marked date on the calendar: from June 15 to 17. It will be then when, a priori, the new edition of the biggest fair in the video game industry will take place again; the first within the new generation of consoles.


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