E3 2021 need to change name and pay for events


[Updated]: ESA denied the rumors, still on Thursday (01). In a post on Twitter, the company took a stand and said that E3’s “2021 digital show will be a free event for all participants. We look forward to informing you of all the real news of the event soon ”.

[Original]: E3 2021, which is planned to be held on June 13, is expected to charge people to watch part of their schedule online. The event should also change its name, from “Expo Entertainment Experience” to “Electronic Entertainment Experience”.

The information was released on Thursday (01) by Videogames Chronicle (VGC). According to the sources of the website, the celebration will have 3 days of activities transmitted over the internet and another unique experience in the official application.

“E3 has always served as the unifying force of the gaming industry, an annual moment when the best and brightest come together to launch the latest game announcements and demos in support not only of their individual goals, but to evangelize the entire industry ”, Says an excerpt from a document from the fair.

The text also points out that E3 2021 “is not a face-to-face fair that has become digital”. According to ESA, the fair’s organizing company, the new edition of the event will be a “culturally significant digital vanguard for everyone in the industry and its consumers, from mobile and PC games to esports and consoles”.


The main intention of the organizers is to bring playable demos that would be streamed in the cloud. ESA intends to partner with Nvidia to make the demonstrations run from GeForce Now. Press and the public could test the new games from the service.

VGC sources also point out that the event should group part of its news in a package that would be charged to fans. Whoever paid for this kind of “online ticket” could play the demos.

Despite the plan, a major game company said it does not welcome this attempt to charge for activities. The source revealed to the VGC that ESA is willing to give up on the idea if it is not accepted by most companies.


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