E3 2021 | Everything We Know About Final Fantasy XVI


E3 2021: The new installment of the main saga takes us to a dark world in which crystals are everything. Square Enix Presents will give a good account of what is to come at E3 2021 (Sunday, June 13 at 9:15 p.m. CEST). One of the most anticipated titles of the Japanese company is undoubtedly Final Fantasy XVI, a new installment of the role-playing saga of the Japanese, which was announced during the PlayStation 5 presentation event. Since then, some data has been provided, but the study has remained prudent and has preferred to wait until later. Below, we summarize everything we know about the long-awaited project, which will arrive exclusively temporarily on Sony’s next-generation console.

In the vein of the most recent games in the series, Final Fantasy XVI will put aside turn-based fighting. In fact, the responsible studio, the same one behind the fourteenth installment, has opted for an action-focused system. The video game is directed by Takai Hiroshi, while Naoki Yoshida, director of Final Fantasy XIV, acts as producer on this occasion.

Valisthea, the world at war

The plot takes place in Valisthea, a beautiful world ravaged by war. Crystals are a source of power, but also a reason for conflict. They all seek his blessing so that they can use his magic and live a comfortable life. Unfortunately, the times of peace are about to come to an end. In this context, it is worth highlighting the figure of the Eikons, the invocations, beings with extraordinary strength. These creatures live within the Dominants, people who are capable of summoning and displaying their power.

While in some nations the Dominant are treated with respect and dignity, for other countries they are mere weapons of war. Valisthea enjoys a balance between the different kingdoms, but that idyllic world does not seem to continue. The confirmed kingdoms are the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Kingdom of Waloed, the Republic of Dhalnekia, the Kingdom of Iron, and the Crystalline Domain.


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