E3 2021 event canceled due to pandemic


E3 is a game fair where many people and game studios come together. People experience the games that will come from all over the world. This year, due to the widespread use of the Covid vaccine, the E3 organization was rescheduled and it would be a face-to-face event. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Congressional Board and the Tourism Development Commission do not agree.

E3 2021 event will be an online event

According to an information determined by Resetera user “Rösti”, it is written in the documents filed at the Los Angeles Congress Board and Tourism Development Commission that the E3 2021 event was canceled.

The list above comes from an 84-page slide prepared by the Los Angeles Congressional Board for the month of March. According to the document, it is stated that the E3 2021 event was canceled and the production team worked on live broadcast options in places such as LA Live / LACC (Los Angeles City College).

Accordingly, the event can be done live. E3 events usually take place in June. Finally, there is no date for when the E3 2021 event will start. However, it is stated as June 15 in the list. On June 15, the event can take place live.


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