E3 2021 can be realized digitally! Here are the details


E3, one of the most important game fairs in the world, is organized by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). According to the news published on the Video Games Chronicle site, E3 2021 can be held digitally this year.

It has been decided to organize the fair between 15-17 June. However, it is not yet clear whether the event will take place in physical or digital environment. In the statement sent by ESA to The Verge website, it was stated that E3 will undergo a transformation this year and details will be shared soon.

In E3 2021, an award ceremony and two-hour game events are planned. In addition to these, organizing a “preview night” on June 14 is also among the plans. The events of different game publishers and media partners will also be on the E3 2021 calendar.

Although no final decision has been made for E3 2021, all preparations for the event to be held digitally seem to have been completed. E3 was canceled last year due to the global coronavirus outbreak. Although the environment is not suitable for physical activities this year, it is understood that a digital event will continue.


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