e-Título presents error on Election Day 2020


The Electoral Justice app, e-Título, is not working properly for some Brazilian voters who are trying to justify their absence by cell phone or even trying to log in to the app for the first time.

The problem always seems to occur when confirming data through questions about the voter. There are already numerous complaints on social networks like Twitter.

Anyone who had already logged in for the first time before yesterday night (14) on the app is not facing any problems when voting, as all the information was already loaded before the instability.

The Electoral Justice ruled on the case and informs that the difficulty in accessing the e-Título is happening due to the very large amount of accesses to the app. Until 8:30 am today, more than 400 thousand people had already justified their absence through the app.

The TSE website was already experiencing problems since Thursday (12) to load data on voters’ polling place. Now with the e-Title unstable, the last alternative to find out where the voter should vote would be the official chat of the TSE on WhatsApp, but this tool also proved to be unstable in our tests. Considering that there were several changes in the voting section due to the pandemic, the problem should generate several inconveniences for voters.

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