Dyson will use its technology for Corona virus


Dyson has announced that it will develop a new type of breathing apparatus to the National Health Service NHS to help fight the Corona virus. Headed by British inventor Sir James Dyson, the firm said it responded to the government’s request for assistance.

The company aims to install respiratory devices based on two designs. Some industry experts have suggested that Dyson’s approach to creating a new model will take a very long time. Dyson said in a statement that he is in collaboration with The Technology Partnership, a Cambridge-based medical company, and that it will go into production quickly.

A challenging project process for Dyson
Dyson said for the project: “It is a very complicated task that has been undertaken in an extremely difficult time frame. We aim to develop a completely different medical device designed to perform separate tests in the laboratory and in humans. ” made the explanation. Engineers, anesthesiologists and surgeons from Oxford University and King’s College London are working on a new type of breathing apparatus. It is designed quickly, though less developed than current commercial models.

Dr Federico Formenti, part of the xVent team, said: “Creating new designs that can complement existing models can help meet the demand. Companies cannot switch to different hardware overnight. For example, you cannot put a Formula 1 component in a breathing apparatus. ” said.

A new type of respirator is not warm
The project is still awaiting news from the government. It normally takes two to three years to design and launch a new breathing apparatus. However, the main concern of the NHS is the possibility that the equipment will be inadequate in a few weeks. Biomedical engineer “Putting existing prototypes into mass production is the fastest way to deal with urgent demand,” Marion Hersh told the BBC. The plan will be processed in a short time as they will not have to go through the controlling elements. However, the arrangement still needs to be done properly. ” said.


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