Dyson Demo VR Store Merges Digital And Physical Worlds


Dyson reinterprets the store experience during the pandemic days with Demo VR, which it builds on virtual reality.

Dyson aims to breathe new life into the retail concept with its newly announced virtual reality technology. With the new application, users will be able to experience and test Dyson technology from their own home with VR glasses.

The newly launched Dyson Demo VR will allow users to test and experience Dyson products online. It is stated that the technology used in the store is the visualization and simulation technologies used by Dyson engineers to develop new products and software in their laboratory.

Dyson Demo VR to increase store investments in 2022

This innovation developed by Dyson has led to the increasing interest in direct retail both in physical and online environments.
is considered a part of it.

Virtual experience stores are planned to be implemented in a total of 318 physical Dyson Demo Stores, 30 of which were opened in city centers around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to be integrated into 23 more stores in 2022.

Brand Founder and Chief Engineer James Dyson evaluates the new VR technology as follows:

“As engineers, we are interested in developing new technologies and how people understand our technologies.
We also care. Virtual reality for designing new products in our laboratories for many years
We were using technology. Now use the same technologies for people to discover our products.
we are developing.“