Dynamite from BTS breaks big records hours later


BTS’s “Dynamite” breaks YouTube records within hours of its premiere, the K-pop group does it once again. The Bangtan boys made an explosion of energy with their new MV, the trip to the 90’s was a message of positivity for ARMY and they debuted for the first time with a song entirely in English and demonstrated the power of their popularity.

YouTube leaders

The success of “Dynamite” was sealed even before its release, not to mention the teasers and countdown, but because BTS recorded the largest premiere in YouTube history by counting 3-4 million fans during the MV premiere. after counting down with the idols.

After the official video was revealed, the BigHit group continued with the list of records, since in just 21 minutes there were 10 million reproductions, “Dynamite” conquered the numbers from the first hours of the comeback.

The road to records did not end during the early morning, because just over 10 hours after the premiere of the MV, BTS got more than 6 million likes for “Dynamite.” As the hours passed, ARMY remained loyal to the Bangtan boys, because in 3 hours they surpassed the 30 million views mark and before 12 hours they already have more than 50 million.

Records on charts

But the list of achievements is not limited to that platform, apparently, BTS managed to sell thousands of digital singles on iTunes, the first reports indicate that “Dynamite” managed to be sold in 100 countries and reached # 1 of said chart on the first day launch.

In Shazam, an app that allows you to recognize any song, ARMY searched more than 100,000 times to promote “Dynamite” and new users can explore BTS’s music. Success also comes from home, because on Melon, the main K-pop chart, BTS received a hundred thousand likes for their single, despite being in English.

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On Genie, another of the Korean streaming services, BTS’s “Dynamite” was played more than 500 thousand times. As the hours go by, the boys are expected to add more records, as ARMY’s goal is for BTS to get 100 million views in just 24 hours.

Plus, the “Dynamite” bet could see them hit Billboard’s # 1 in the Top 200 or Hot 100, depending on the number of sales, plays and more within a week. Bangtan’s new MV is an explosion of energy, success, and lots of encouragement.


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