Dylan Sprouse: Where’s the star of Gemini in Action?


One of the main stars of the Disney Channel during the first decade of the 2000s, Dylan Sprouse, acted with identical twin brother, Cole Sprouse, in the television series Zack and Cody: Gemini in Action and in the spin-off Zack and Cody: Gemini a Board.

However, opposing a path that was obvious to many, Dylan redirected his professional career and stepped out of the spotlight of the world of fame to allow himself to discover new passions and follow new directions.

The Sprouse twins were born in Tuscany, Italy, on August 4, 1992, and started their artistic careers very early, participating in commercials, films and TV shows. The first role in cinema that the duo shared, already as co-protagonists, occurred in 1999, in the film Big Daddy, in which they acted together with Adam Sandler. That was just the beginning of the great success that was to come.

Although many of the roles that Dylan and Cole took on were to share a single character, in 2005 the twins were hired by the Disney Channel to star in a show in which each would give life to a different role. The success was such that it yielded three seasons of the original series Zack and Cody: Gemini in Action and three more in the spin-off series Zack and Cody: Gemini on Board. This resulted in a period of work extended from 2005 to 2011.

After the series, the Sprouse brothers took a short break from their artistic careers to dedicate themselves to college and, from that moment on, each one followed his own professional life. Cole returned to activities in 2016 to play Jughead Jones in the hit series Riverdale, where he still plays. For his part, Dylan didn’t just focus on his acting career.

From TV screens to video games

A star on TV shows and movie screens, Dylan Sprouse was not content with just being a successful star. After the end of his season on the Disney Channel, the actor concentrated on earning his degree in Video Game Design from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, New York University. However, Dylan did not stop there.

In 2017, the actor played Lucas in the thriller Dismissed, a gifted student who, once he feels threatened intellectually, shows a dark and disturbing side to his enemies.

In addition, Sprouse has also acted in several other short films and independent films, such as Carte Blanche, a short film that deals with the life of a Hollywood star, Gideon Blake, who meets a mysterious man from his own past and it leads you to decline your life in an unbridled way.

In contrast to life on the big movie screens, Dylan Sprouse chose to invest his money in something he liked and generated some profit for him. For that reason, he opened a bar in Brooklyn, New York. Named after All-Wise Meadery, the bar is located in the basement of the William Valle Hotel in Williamsburg and offers a mead created and produced by Dylan himself. He explains that he discovered this passion during his college years and managed to combine that with a business opportunity.


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