Dylan Sprouse and Dad Travel Together!


Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin’s Instagram Reality TV Continues! In episode 14, Dylan and Cole Sprouse’s father is in the game.

itAinSuper surprise in episode 14 of Dylan Sprouse and Barbara’s series! There’s Cole Sprouse’s daddy that’s part of the trip!

Since August 18, Barbara Palvin releases small videos. The beauty teased us because it is a project she created with her darling!

Far from the reality TV we know, the couple wanted through these little moments to reveal a bit of their life to us and send nice messages! A great idea!

Thus, Dylan Sprouse and his beautiful release an episode every week! In other words, the fans are there!

Indeed, they love the concept! So nearly a million of them follow their adventures on Instagram every Tuesday!

And the more it goes, the more some hope that this reality TV will never end! Everyone becomes attached to the adorable couple of Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin!


Last night, Dylan Sprouse and his sweetheart unveiled episode 14! And surprise for the fans!

They were able to discover the dad of the Sprouse twins! Wow!

Indeed, the latter decided to go on a road trip with his son and his sweetheart! A super nice moment!

So we see him driving a camper van chatting with Dylan Sprouse and Barbara! The three of them seem very complicit!

So they even go so far as to say, “I love you.” Too touching !

Barbara looks very comfortable with her stepdad! Indeed, the latter seems totally integrated into the family of Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse!

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In any case, a twin is still missing! We would have loved to see the father and his sons together …


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