Dylan O’Brien: Teen Wolf Actor Surprises Fans With New Look; look!


Recently, thousands of netizens were shocked by the change of look of actor Dylan O’Brien. Known for his role in Teen Wolf, O’Brien has taken on a new identity for his role in Not Okay, Disney’s new movie.

His transformation photos were posted on Instagram, through the official Not Okay account. In the images, the actor with the short, platinum locks is possible — unlike the long, brown strands that the actor used for several years.

According to Variety magazine, the film will be a new satire of American comedy.

“Not Okay will accompany a young woman desperate for friends and fame, who fakes a trip to Paris to increase her social media presence. When a terrible incident happens in the real world and becomes part of her imaginary journey, her lie becomes a moral dilemma that gives her all the attention she wants,” he described.

So far, little information about the feature has been released. However, it is known that it will also star Zoey Deutch and be available on the streaming platform Hulu.

Additionally, the film will be written and directed by Quinn Shephard, with production in charge of Disney Searchlight Pictures.

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