Dylan O’Brien Nearly Ended Career After Serious On-Set Accident


Actor Dylan O’Brien, in a recent interview with Bustle Magazine, said that the accident that occurred during the filming of Maze Runner: The Death Cure almost made him give up on returning to acting.

The accident occurred during the beginning of the filming of the film and caused several complications to the actor, such as facial trauma, brain injury and concussion. He was in recovery for a long time.

Dylan opened up about his difficult time during recovery and the effects of the accident on his life. He confirmed that, at the time, his identity was totally tied to his acting career, and that he didn’t feel he could continue on this path any longer.

“I was really struggling,” declared the actor. “I never stopped working until that accident. It’s a very strange thing to have as much of my identity as my career and then to have this thing happen to me where I was convinced I couldn’t do it anymore. I was like, ‘I can’t imagine being on another set.’

Emotional impact

In his first interview after the incident, O’Brien had already discussed the anxiety he felt as a result of the trauma. He talked about the psychological impact of all this on his life and career, and how unable to engage in social situations, particularly on a film set. But with time and after his recovery, he finished the film and found that he would not be happy to take a definitive step towards the end of his career.

Shortly after the shooting of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Dylan embarked on a journey of reintroduction for himself and his fans. He already has some future projects, continuing to act. In the movie Not Okay, he will again star opposite Zoey Deutch (the two are also cast in The Outfit), and he will also appear in a comedy film titled Maximum Truth.

Dylan O’Brien is an actor and musician. He was discovered in 2006, through his YouTube channel, where he produced funny videos and dubbed songs like the Spice Girls. He started his TV career in the famous remake of the MTV series Teen Wolf. Since then, the artist has stood out in his performances and with the versatility of his characters.