Dylan Ai Brown responds to Rumors that he is playing Nightwing or other superhero characters


It’s no secret that comic book movies can be seen everywhere, and many dream of becoming superheroes. But there is also a certain pressure associated with such large roles in blockbusters. The DC extended universe is currently undergoing a lot of wild changes, and there are a lot of rumors about what could happen next. And the “Maze Runner” actor Dylan O’Brien responded to rumors that he plays Nightwing or other superhero characters.

In DC comics, Nightwing is the adult form of Dick Grayson, known as Batman’s first Robin. Fans have been waiting patiently for him to enter the proper DCEU, and several names have been suggested for those who could play the beloved vigilante. Dylan O’Brien was one of the most popular choices, and he told The Playlist about this discourse by replying:

I’m not really ruling anything out, so it’s not like I wouldn’t be having fun if something happened to me, and if it was like a really talented director that I desperately wanted to work with, and if it was a really cool look. part. I really tend to find these kind of small character roles for myself. Just because, really, it’s been a long time and I haven’t had many chances to do it, so it’s just, I think, at least for now, more fun to experiment that way and challenge myself that way.… I’m definitely not closed to anything.

Well, that’s it. It seems that while Dylan O’Brien wouldn’t mind the idea of playing a comic book character, it doesn’t have to be at the top of his list of priorities. Instead, he chooses the work he does based on the attached materials and co-authors. So maybe if the right director is behind the camera, we can see O’Brien as a member of the bat family. Fingers crossed.

Dylan O’Brien’s comments about these pesky Nightwing rumors came as he was promoting his role in the new dark comedy film “Out of Order,” which is currently airing on Hulu. Since so much fan art of a 31-year-old actor like Dick Grayson is already circulating on the Internet, it makes sense that he might have an opinion on this. And it seems that O’Brien is more focused on finding small profile roles that he can really dive into to create a character. But never say never that he joined a superhero franchise.

Those who follow Dylan O’Brien’s career know that he has definitely been taking on more intimate roles lately after his stint in The Maze Runner franchise. In addition to “Out of Order,” he notably starred in Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well: A Short Film,” along with the outstanding “Very Strange Things” Sadie Sink. He also recently appeared in the psychological thriller “Outfit” and in an episode of the TV series “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. All these projects gave him a chance to create something new, rather than inherit a favorite comic book character like Nightwing.

Since the creation of the DCEU, fans have been waiting for Batman’s protégé to finally enter the common universe. Although this was supposed to happen with the movie “Batgirl”, the studio has since abandoned it. A reference to the dead Robin was included in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but this story was never fully revealed in the general universe. Previously, the film “Nightwing” with director Chris McKay was in development, but there have been no updates on this project for a long time.

The next part of the DCEU — “Black Adam” — will be released on October 21. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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