Dying Light receives in-game events with Viking rewards


Developer Techland has released a new update for Dying Light, bringing a lot of extra and in-game content as part of the celebration of the beginning of the Chinese New Year. The support marks a surprising initiative by the studio, which decided to launch a DLC for the game more than 6 years after its launch.

With a Viking theme, the weapon package entitled Raiders of Harran brings three new weapons to the game, adding the heavy two-handed ax Ragnarok, the light one-handed sword Aesir and the Protector shield of Asgard, as well as two exclusive skins for the buggy if the player purchases the complete kit of equipment. Check out the expansion trailer below.

The studio also confirmed that it is already possible to access an in-game event for a limited time, in celebration of the beginning of the year of the ox on the Chinese calendar. In this way, all participants who start the mission will be able to redeem the Ox Warrior Pack for free, which includes an Ox Cannon Weapon and an Ox Warrior skin for the character.

Dying Light is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, with the option to play via backwards compatibility on PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.


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