Dying Light 2 Will Not Have Launch Cross-Play, When Will It Be Available?


Dying Light 2: The Techland title is left without cross-platform games, although the doors to an eventual possibility in the future are not closed. Dying Light 2: Stay Human will not have cross-play when it goes on sale this February; however, that does not mean that this possibility can be added in the future. When there are only a few weeks left for the premiere of this long-awaited sequel, Techland has indicated in a recent question and answer held on Twitch (via GamingBolt) that they may soon make this option possible so that users of different consoles or PCs can play with each other.

Tymon Smektala, creative director of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, has answered the question about cross-play without qualms: “No, not at this time. It will not be available ”, he has said when questioned about that absence of launch. In fact, it will not be possible for users from the same family but in different generations to play together in multiplayer games at the premiere; for example, Xbox One with Xbox Series. “It won’t be possible at game launch, but we’re working on making it possible after launch,” he commits.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human will have tens (even hundreds) of hours of content

In parallel, Techland has confirmed that Dying Light 2: Stay Human will support at least five years of post-launch content, so they intend to support the title for a long time. The trust placed in the game is maximum; so much so that just a week ago the Polish studio had to deal with a small controversy regarding its huge amount of content: we will need more than 500 hours to complete it 100%.

Then they qualified their words, since it had not been clear how long it will take to finish only the title campaign, which is much less. In any case, this sequel to Dying Light, in whose open world games we will have teams of 4 players with a declared cooperative focus, will have plenty of content; Enough to keep you entertained for weeks or months.