Dying Light 2: Stay Human Is Getting New Game + Mode “Soon”


Dying Light 2: Stay Human: The lead designer says that they hope to add this mode so desired by all Dying Light 2 players soon, although he does not specify when. If we stick to what Techland mentioned a while ago, Dying Light 2: Stay Human will continue to receive content for a long time, just as happened with the first installment. And despite the fact that it is already a long game -although not as long as it was said at one point-, surely there are already many players who have realized it and are waiting for a game mode to continue their adventure post-apocalyptic, the New Game +, of which they have spoken from the Polish studio.

This New Game + mode gives players the chance to start the game again, adding replayability, and allowing them to do so with the inventory and skills that we finished the first game with. Of course, raising the level of difficulty and the hardness of the enemies. Although it is very common in all kinds of games, at the moment it is not available in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, but it will be soon.

No specific date, but “soon”

It has been on Twitter where a fan has responded to a post by Tymon Smektala -lead designer of the game- about the addition of this popular game mode, to which Smektala has been kind enough to reply. “I can’t confirm any dates for New Game +, but we listen to your requests,” said Smektala. “I hope it can be something that happens soon.”

At the moment, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is still being updated to fix bugs, though hopefully in the future it will get some big updates just like the original game did. Over the years, Dying Light implemented very interesting expansions that not only added more hours of gameplay, but also completely different mechanics or even settings, especially with The Following and Hellraid DLCs, the latter set in a dark fantasy universe.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, its version for Nintendo Switch having been delayed.