Dying Light 2 is Postponed Again and Doesn’t Come Out in 2021


Dying Light 2 has been delayed once again and has lost its release window for this year. The game, which had already been delayed before, had set its date for December this year, but will now only be released on February 4, 2022.

In the tweet above we see a letter from developer Techland, informing the postponement and apologizing. The text is signed by CEO Pawel Marchewka, and he says the game is ready, but the studio needs more time to test and polish its “biggest and most ambitious project ever.”

Dying Light 2 seems to have had some issues in its development cycle. The game was first announced at E3 2018 and then went through a long period of silence. Its first launch window was even postponed indefinitely and the developer team lost some of their biggest names.

When the game reappeared marking its December 7 release, several videos and trailers were revealed, indicating that things were on track. But it seems that we still haven’t reached the technical level that Techland wants for the game right after its release.

Marchewka’s text thanks fans for their understanding and support, and promises to offer more updates on the game later this month.