Dwayne Johnson’s New “Black Adam” Trailer Reveals The Villain Sabbuck


The new trailer for “Black Adam” was released by Dwayne Johnson and Warner Bros. In addition to showing an action-packed confrontation with the Justice Society of America, the trailer includes brand new footage of the villainous Sabbac.

The new trailer for “Black Adam” has been waiting for several days, since Johnson himself promised a new preview after Labor Day. Shortly after, Johnson unveiled the official “Black Adam” poster, but it’s this latest trailer that gives the most exciting look at the titular antihero’s battle with the Justice Society of America.

The new trailer for “Black Adam” begins with Johnson’s Tet-Adam reminding viewers that his powers are born of anger and the sacrifice of his son. After spending 5,000 years in prison, Black Adam finds himself free in the modern world and is determined to bring his cruel form of justice to Earth. Black Adam’s mission attracts the attention of the JSA, who want him to surrender peacefully, which he refuses to do. As in the first trailer of “Black Adam”, the titular antihero reminds JSA that he “does not kneel before anyone.”

Despite the tension between Black Adam and the Justice Society, it seems that not every member of the team is ready to abandon the revenge-seeking antihero. Pierce Brosnan’s Dr. Faith reminds Black Adam that there are two ways before him: to become a destroyer of the world or its savior. While the audience listens to Dr. Faith trying to guide Black Adam along a different path, footage is shown of the villain Sabacc coming out of the water and preparing to fight the Hawk Man.

In addition to his first acting role as the Scorpion King in The Mummy Returns, Johnson became primarily known for playing harsh but likeable characters. While many thought Johnson’s role as Black Adam would make him stretch his acting legs because the character is a villain, this latest preview and others suggest that the titular antihero may not be as irreparable as it seems.

Whether Dr. Faith and the Justice Society will be able to get to Black Adam remains to be seen. Of course, their goal may be helped by the arrival of Sabbuck, who will almost certainly become a common enemy that will eventually unite Black Adam and the JSA.

“Black Adam” will be released in theaters on October 21, 2022.


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