Dwayne Johnson wants to confront his cousin in WWE


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems that now he will return to WWE, because he wants to face his cousin.

After four years that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson retired from WWE, it was known that he wants to return to the ring, but he wants to do it fighting his cousin Roman Reigns, who is also the current champion, this because for “La Roca ”would be an honor, in addition to wanting to take away the title.

In an interview with Hiram Garcia, Johnson noted that it would not only be “an honor” for him to return to WWE and share the octagon with the Big Dog at the company’s annual event, WrestleMania. He would also like his cousin to be the one to “raise his hand” at the end of the fight: in other words, The Rock is ready to go back in a big way!

One thing stops the long-awaited fight between Dwayne and his cousin

It is important to mention that Dwayne, “The Rock”, if he wants to return to fight in this competition, but the only thing that stops him is his busy schedule, because in addition to being an actor and having his dates for recordings in his different films, they have scheduled interviews , as well as personal activities.

The problem here is that the next edition of WrestleMania is getting closer and closer, so if WWE wants this fight to be put together and especially the imposing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson present, they have to start working and moving everything to be your presence.

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Fans await return of Dwayne “The Rock” to WWE

Let’s remember that the last time The Rock came out to the ring was in 2016. On that occasion, he made a segment with John Cena and The Wyatt Family, an unforgettable moment, because it was that same day that he said goodbye and said goodbye to the fights. to dedicate himself to acting, which is why he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

So far everything is a rumor, but the followers of both hope that if the fight is armed and they see the famous Rock fighting in WWE again, for them it would be something historic.


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