Dwayne Johnson told what Ryan Reynolds actually did in the “Red Notice”


Whenever we hear anything about Canadian-American actor Ryan Reynolds, we automatically assume that it must be related to another hilarious incident. This time it is also true, as another famous actor, The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, reveals the incident from the “Red Notice”. However, there is a deeper truth hidden in it.

This bittersweet truth belongs to the movie that Ryan and Dwayne were working on in 2021: Red Notice, a combination of action and comedy. The film shows the world of international crime, where an Interpol agent is trying to track down and catch the world’s most wanted art thief. And, of course, the thief Ryan Reynolds creates comical situations throughout the film. Dwayne revealed the rarely seen truth about the Red Notice.

The Real Truth about Ryan Reynolds

Sometimes it happens when we watch a movie or a program or even read a book, and suddenly we notice something completely unfamiliar to us. This can also be surprising, and the same thing happened with interviewer Andrew Freund, who asked The Rock about his observations. If you haven’t watched this Netflix Original yet, reading ahead will give you serious spoilers.

Freund asked Dwayne about the combination of action and comedy in a similar film. This led them to talk about the relationship of Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson in the film. The interviewer was watching a movie with a cocktail in his hand. He asked: “In this movie, two hours of Ryan Reynolds flirting with Dwayne Johnson?” Like the interviewer, did you feel that throughout the movie Reynolds flirted with Johnson?

Well, that’s how Dwayne responded, assuring Andrew that he wasn’t drunk, but he might be a little tipsy. Because, as Dwayne said, “this intoxication allowed you to see a deeper truth about Ryan Reynolds’ performances.”

In the end, Dwayne Johnson agreed with Andrew’s remark and said that Ryan completely fell for him throughout the film. Did you feel the same way too? Because, as Andrew said, at one point Ryan even asked Dwayne if he could water it. As funny as it sounds, we’d like to know if you felt the same way while watching the movie.


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