Dwayne Johnson Throws an F-bomb, Demonstrating a Cheat-mil, For Which He Could Not Help But “Jump Off” The Car


Dwayne Johnson is well known for his intense workouts, most of which take place in his personal fitness haven – “Iron Paradise”. However, what can be even more intense than the way he pumps iron in the gym is the way he can throw in the kitchen. When he’s not lifting weights, the A-list star enjoys a good cheater meal or two, and luckily for us, he likes to share videos and photos of the foods he consumes. In one of his last posts, he mentioned another meal, while at the same time throwing an F-bomb about how he couldn’t help but “jump out” of the van for him.

In most cases, Rock prepares its signature chitmils on weekends. He can approach them quite conservatively when he wants to, but sometimes he just goes all-in. Whenever this happens, he says that he got into an unpleasant situation. That’s exactly what happened this weekend when he took to Instagram to post a bountiful meal he was going to take part in. On the plates with food there were pancakes, a dozen eggs and much more. Watch the video yourself and try not to get hungry at the same time:


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Dwayne Johnson (@therock)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

 As the star of the “Red Messenger” himself put it, he does not fall from the wagons — he jumps from them! Just looking at his post, I can say with confidence that he did it amazing. It’s hard not to appreciate the fact that fitness fans can still appreciate good, old-fashioned carbs. And considering how much work he does in the gym, I would say he more than deserves these moments of satisfaction.

Dwayne Johnson has been openly talking about his cheats for some time, to the point that even his colleague in the movie “Fast and Furious” Ludacris is tracking them. Back in 2020, he actually shared some information about how many calories he gets with these food diets. Johnson said that he consumes 5,000 to 6,000 calories when he eats them, and it’s just wild to type it. I mean, it even sounds crazy for someone his size. Although, since he only eats like this once or twice a week and trains quite often, I suppose he manages to burn it all off pretty quickly.

It’s hard to even determine which of the dishes was the most impressive. In one of the most notable posts, Rock dropped a series of F-bombs, preparing to eat a tray of sushi, a plate of corn bread and Hawaiian donuts. He even went to the full list of “Parks and Recreation” for one post, telling his fans to “Treat yourself” — a phrase that glorified the fan-favorite characters Donna and Tom in the NBC sitcom.

Other stars participate in this food ritual, for example, Chris Hemsworth, who ate 4 weeks of chitmils in one fell swoop. Fellow Marvel star Jeremy Renner is also enjoying the meal. Although they are impressive, I don’t think they can really compare to the ones the Black Adam star likes.

I’m curious to see how Dwayne Johnson continues to improve his game when it comes to these cheats. Although he has already cooked some really impressive dishes, I have no doubt that the actor—turned-wrestler can outdo himself-and throw a few more F-bombs in the process. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need a snack.


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