Dwayne Johnson Explains Why He Fought for “Black Adam” and “Shazam” to Make Their Own Films Before Moving On


The DC Extended Universe is a place known for keeping fans on their toes thanks to the dizzying drama behind the scenes. While the future of some projects remains unclear, the next upcoming DC movie to be released in theaters will be Jaume Collet-Serra’s “Black Adam.” And Dwayne Johnson recently explained why he fought for his character and Shazam to make their own films before moving to the big screen.

In DC comics, Shazam and Black Adam are often enemies of each other, and their comparable power levels create epic battles. Fans really want to see this game live on the big screen, but it will be a few more years before we see the meeting of these two titans. Dwayne Johnson confirmed that he fought for this methodical approach to crossover, sharing his point of view on Twitter, saying:

💯 In the trueOriginal script, both #BlackAdam #Shazam set their origin stories in the same movie. I fought hard to ensure that both characters (+JSA) had their own separate movies that fans could enjoy. And defend the ruthless and extremely violent tone of Black Adam when we create #DCEU

Here it is. It seems Dwayne Johnson chose to let Black Adam and Shazam shine on their own before assembling the DC Titans for a big-screen conflict. This is in stark contrast to other projects from the shared universe, such as Justice League or Suicide Squad, which bring an ensemble of characters together without origin stories or solo films. In fact, it’s more like a MO MCU during the first and second phases.

Dwayne Johnson’s Twitter comments also show how deadly his DC antihero will be when “Black Adam” finally hits theaters this fall. Rock has long teased that the hierarchy of power in the DCEU will change, and we will be able to watch him fight with a team of heroes in the form of the Justice Society of America. But we all know that the real match will involve the young hero Zachary Levy.

As Rock shared, we could see Black Adam and Shazam establish their origins in the same movie. Dwayne Johnson has been attached to his hulking character for about a decade, and has seen various forms of the script come and go. Fans may have to wait longer to see the two DC characters clash, but hopefully these origin stories should lead to viewers caring about both of them, which will raise the stakes.

We remind you that you can watch the first teaser of “Black Adam” below. After debuting at Comic-Con in San Diego, these exciting shots hit the net. In addition to the main character Dwayne Johnson, we will see some of the JSA in action.

The expectation is definitely high for Black Adam, especially considering how long it’s been worked on. Viewers are eager to return to the DCEU, as the action of Robert Pattinson’s Batman took place in his own universe. Although there are countless questions about the franchise after Batgirl was written off.

“Black Adam” will be released in theaters on October 21. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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