Dwayne Johnson discusses his fight against coronavirus


US actress Dwayne Johnson announced that she and her family had coronavirus. Saying ‘It was the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced’, the actor called on his fans to wear masks.

Dwayne Johnson, one of Hollywood’s top-earning actors, shared on Instagram that he and his singer wife, Lauren Hashian, their four-year-old daughter Jasmine and two-year-old Tiana, have been fighting the coronavirus for the last three weeks and are now better.

Saying that he was worried while waiting for the result after having the test, Johnson said, “My number one priority is always protecting my family. Protecting my children and loved ones. If it was, I just hoped mine would be positive, but it wasn’t. It came out in my whole family ”.

Johnson said that his little daughters often suffer from coughing for a few days, and said that he and his wife had a “hard course”.

“I can say that this was one of the hardest things I have experienced. I have been through many things in the past, but the corona was different from all of them,” said Johnson.

Explaining that the healing process is difficult, the famous actor called on his fans to wear masks.

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