Dwayne Johnson Could Not Fit Porsche Taycan


Dwayne Johnson, who shared a new post on his Instagram account, announced that he could not fit Porsche Taycan during the shooting of his new movie Red Notice. Still, the filming was completed by fitting Johnson into the Taycan somehow.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is among the first names that come to mind when it comes to action movies, with both his imposing appearance and his masterful acting. However, it seems that The Rock’s majesty is a “trouble” in some cases.

Dwayne Johnson, 48, is currently shooting Red Notice, which will be Netflix’s biggest budget movie to date. Johnson shared a photo from the filming of the movie, in which he shared the lead role with another famous actor Gal Gadot, and in the description of the photo, he described a tragicomic event he experienced on set.

A photo from the scene where Dwayne Johnson tries to fit a Porsche Taycan

The Rock, who had to get on the Taycan, the first electric model of the German sports car giant Porsche for a chase scene in the film and get away quickly, had a lot of difficulty during the shooting of the scene in question. The reason is that the player, which is 1.96 meters tall and weighs 118 kilograms, cannot fit in the Porsche Taycan.

Another problem with the scene in question is that the shot will be repeated more than once as the scene will be shot from different angles. In other words, Dwayne Johnson had to shoot the scene by entering the Porsche Taycan, which he couldn’t fit into anyway, more than once. Fortunately, the scene was shot successfully.

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