Dutch police seize $ 33 million of Bitcoin


In the Netherlands, police seized 2,532 BTC worth $ 33 million belonging to a married couple used in money laundering.

According to the Dutch Prosecutor’s Office under the Rotterdam District Court; The couple laundered a total of $ 19 million in the last 2 years, and they did so using Bitcoin. While it was stated that the couple illegally kept the money they earned as Bitcoin, BTCs were seized by the prosecution. Dutch prosecutors stated during the court that the couple did not comply with the KYC, ie “know your customer” rules on exchanges where they use cryptocurrencies:

“The exchanges also did not ask their clients for credentials when trading large amounts of funds. The suspects contacted their customers through advertisements on the Internet and sales sites on the dark web. Most of the Bitcoins seized carry traces of dark websites. Husband and wife couple laundered more than 19 million euros for 2 years ”

It is stated that the police seized 2 Bitcoin wallets, including 1488 BTC and 1044 BTC. In addition to these 33 million bitcoins, nearly 300 thousand dollars in cash were also seized. It was stated that the couple found guilty said that they bought the Bitcoins from the relevant persons in order to convert them into cash. It was reported that the couple also developed methods to store their customers’ information.

From stock exchanges to dark websites

While the couple received payments from their customers through their accounts on Bitcoin exchanges, it was informed that the meetings took place at fast-food restaurants. The Bitcoins that went to the account on the exchange were later transferred to dark websites.

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Dutch police are known for their Bitcoin operations in recent years. The couple has to pay the penalty of 53 thousand dollars in tax and 162 thousand dollars in operation costs in addition to the prison sentence they receive.


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