Duracell Releases Disgusting-Tasting Batteries To Protect Babies


Duracell announced the launch of its coin cell with Bitrex technology in Brazil, which will have a bitter substance to prevent ingestion by babies and children. According to the company, the initiative will be marketed in thousands of retailers across the country from October in sizes CR2032, CR2025 and CR2016.

Bitterness comes from a protective layer applied to the product that also creates a strong smell; the coating is non-toxic and harmless. As motivation for the novelty, the company cited a biannual report by the National Board of Industrial Hygiene (NBIH, Washington), the National Committee on Industrial Hygiene in free translation. According to the study, hundreds of children under the age of 6 accidentally ingest coin batteries every year.

When the problem is not detected early enough, they can react with moisture in the esophagus and cause internal burns with serious consequences, including death, within two hours.

The novelties also have packaging with safety locks and warnings engraved on the stack and package so that parents can keep the items out of the reach of the little ones.

More protection tips

Thinking about educating about the best attitudes to ensure the safety of young people, Duracell provided some tips. First, caregivers must make sure that household appliances that use these “coins” are out of the reach of children.

Also, adhesive tapes need to be used to protect battery compartments that do not use screws, such as on remote controls. Finally, identify and hide items that are expired until the moment of recycling and prioritize products with safety measures, such as hard-to-open packages and with Bitrex.


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