Dungeons & Dragons: Movie Has Finished Shooting; Learn Details!


Dungeons & Dragons: The new movie of the famous Dungeons & Dragons saga is ready! I mean, at least it’s already been filmed, as co-director John Francis Daley announced on Twitter yesterday (19). Now, you have to wait for the editing and finalization processes until March 3, 2023, when the film is due to open in theaters.

Starring Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith and Regé-Jean Page, the new Dungeons & Dragons adventure is sparing no expense to bring a quality version of the beloved RPG franchise to the big screen.

The investment is justified after the disastrous adaptation of the game to theaters in 2020 – a film that featured Jeremy Irons, Marlon Wayans and Thora Birch. The version did not attract the general public, was poorly received by critics and, on top of that, it displeased the franchise’s fans.

The consensus about D&D 2020 is that you couldn’t recognize the roleplaying game in the final result. Now, Paramount is giving a chance for another adaptation, this time with a more expensive cast and a couple of successful co-directors.

Daley is known for playing Lance Sweets in the TV series Bones, and his experience on the other side of the camera can bring a new perspective to the production.

The co-director is Jonathan Goldstein, best known for writing Spider-Man: Back Home and I Want to Kill My Boss and directing the film Game Night, starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. The directorial duo also have writing credit on the script and will have full control over the narrative.

In addition to the movie Dungeons & Dragons, Derek Kolstad – creator of the John Wick franchise – is directing a series inspired by the tabletop role-playing game, which is due out soon. Paramount is at the helm of both productions, so there may be a connection between the TV adaptation and the new movie.

So far, beyond the release date, little is known about the Dungeons & Dragons movie. Are you looking forward to checking out the new adaptation?


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