Dungeons & Dragons: 7 Quick Things We Know About Chris Pine’s Movie


There will be dragons soon. And dungeons. And Chris Pine. (My God!) Indeed, in 2023, 23 years after the ill-fated 2000 film adaptation, Dungeons & Dragons, the ever-popular fantasy tabletop role-playing game, will receive a second roll of the dice as a blockbuster. written and directed by John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein.

Which is more appropriate or ironic that this adaptation will be created by the creators of Game Night? Regardless. We’re still learning more about this upcoming movie, but we already know a few key details that we’ll share with you now. Here’s what we know about Dungeons & Dragons 2023, which also starred Michelle Rodriguez, Less often -Jean Page, Hugh Grant and others!

Dungeons & Dragons will be released on March 3 , 2023

We still have a few months before Dungeons & Dragons will be introduced to the big screen again. In particular, the premiere of the upcoming fantasy blockbuster is scheduled for March 3, 2023 as part of the release schedule of films for 2023. It took some time for this movie to be realized, but after a long wait, we are not that far away from release at the time of the October 2022 update.

The film was previously scheduled for May 27, 2022, before it was postponed along with the rest of the studio’s line-up. But, fortunately, soon we will be able to return to the world of D&D.

In the film, according to Comicbook, a thief and his companions travel across a vast land in search of valuable treasures during a robbery they are planning, but in doing so they encounter the wrong people who turn their lives upside down. .

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Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez will play in the fantasy blockbuster

In addition to the dragons (who, let’s be honest, are the real stars of the upcoming movie), Dungeons & Dragons will also feature the star power of Chris Pine (Wonder Woman) and Michelle Rodriguez (F9) in the lead roles.

According to the comic book article mentioned above, Chris Pine will play Edgin Davis, the bard and leader of the team, which we will follow throughout the film. Also from the comics, Rodriguez is going to portray Holga, a barbarian and one of the people who joined Eugene in this quest.

Pine is reflexively funny, reliable in action, able to easily sell far-reaching concepts and, in addition, famously handsome. Similarly, Rodriguez can certainly be cool, and it will be damn cool to see her armed with a sword and make hell fire-breathing. Let’s hope that their talents have found a use.

The cast of Dungeons & Dragons includes Justice Smith, less often-Jean Page, Hugh Grant and Sofia Lillis.

Along with Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez, leading the process, the cast of “Dungeons and Dragons” includes Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu), the star of Bridgerton and the Gray Man, Reg-Jean Page, Hugh Grant (Paddington 2) and Sofia Lillis (Ono). In addition, Chloe Coleman (“Big Little Lies”), Jason Wong (“Strangers”) and Daisy Head (“Shadow and Bone”) are expected to complement the ensemble in supporting roles.

During Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego, several character names were announced in the comic book article above. Paige will play Zenka, the paladin. Smith will play the sorcerer Simon. Lillis will play Doric, the druid, and Grant will play Forge, the crook. Some other roles are still unknown, but I’m sure more will appear as the movie gets closer.

Written and directed by John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein

Perhaps it so happened that John Francis Daly became the master of the Dungeons & Dragons game. In July 2000, just a few short months before the premiere of the previous (and disastrous) movie “Dungeons and Dragons” in theaters, Daly starred in “Discos and Dragons”, the eighteenth episode of the cult classic Fox show “Weirdos and Nuts”.

Thanks to this memorable series finale, Daly found a permanent connection with this charming fantasy role-playing game and took it calmly. As a fan outside of this show, Daly is interested in honoring the legacy of the game, and he will do his best to finally make a respectable movie based on the property.

Now, together with his writing and directing partner Jonathan Goldstein, Daly will bring D&D back to the mainstream with the help of the blockbuster 2023, which will appear after a whole 23 years (!!!) after this fateful episode.

The filming of Dungeons & Dragons ended in August 2021

As with many productions in recent years during the pandemic, it was not an easy path for Dungeons & Dragons 2023. However, despite the difficulties he faced, the film switched sides and ended in August 2021, as announced by John Francis Daly on Twitter.

Of course, with a big blockbuster like this, you need to take as many precautions as possible at this dangerous time. But, fortunately, he is ready and is in the process of extensive post-production.

Dungeons & Dragons will be an action adventure with comedic elements

Of course, it was a bit of a surprise to learn that John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein were involved in writing the script and staging Dungeons & Dragons 2023. The creators of comedies primarily focused their efforts on creating dark jokes or funny farces. Even the blockbusters they’ve been attached to, like Spider-Man: Homecoming, are lighthearted in their approach. However, many people take D&D seriously. Will these two narrators treat the material with respect, or will it be one big mess for them?

Fortunately, Dungeons & Dragons fans should rest easy knowing that Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly will treat this material with great respect. However, they also strive to bring the fun of the franchise to life in order to find a good balance.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein talked about their approach to this beloved property, claiming that they would not just “shit” it. Rather, the screenwriters-directors have found “another way that” they “have not seen before.”

Here’s what Jonathan Goldstein said:

We want it to be fun. This is not a frank comedy, but an action fantasy with a lot of comedic elements and characters, we hope that people will really get into it and enjoy watching their adventures.

Some scenes were shot in Iceland.

In mid—April, Iceland Monitor reported that Dungeons & Dragons had officially opened a store in picturesque Iceland “with between 60 and 70 people” – which admittedly sounds like a small number for such a large production. In any case, more specifically, most of the film was shot at the Titanic Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Of course, with such a diverse setting, one can only guess how this film will look in which scenes were filmed.

Watch the Dungeons & Dragons trailer

If for some reason you haven’t seen the Dungeons & Dragons trailer, which was released during Comic-Con in San Diego in 2022, be sure to check it out below.

There are so many things waiting for us and a lot of magic and fun that I can hardly contain my excitement about the fact that this adaptation will be released. Dungeons & Dragons will be released in theaters on March 3, 2023.


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