Dune: Denis Villeneuve Explains Why The Film Is Divided Into Parts


Dune: In an interview with Total Film, director Denis Villeneuve clarified the decision to release the film adaptation of Dune in two parts, suggesting respect for Frank Herbert’s original story and the need not to be “dishonest” with the public.

Officially released this Thursday (21) in theaters, Duna has been garnering positive reviews, especially on technical aspects, such as digital effects, photography and soundtrack. In addition, much has been said about the performance of Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson. About the plot, however, some judgments point to a loss of rhythm and, especially, an incomplete narrative.

According to Villeneuve, the idea of ​​something that did not end properly was already newly planned, as the material by writer Frank Herbert was created to be made available in two parts. The director also commented that, at first, the possibility of the films arriving with a shorter time interval was analyzed, being filmed straight after, but this ended up not happening.

“For me, it was necessary. [Dune] was always meant to be a two-part film and it always had ‘Part One’ in the beginning, because I feel it would be misleading and dishonest to pretend it’s the whole story being told in one single I wanted the audience to understand, right from the start, that they were about to see the first part of a bigger story,” Villeneuve said.

“That was my first idea, filming them together. Then, like Lord of the Rings, release one after the other, a year apart. But that was very expensive. I wanted to because I would be so exhausted. During the first one, I needed all my stamina — I needed all my energy. It would have been awesome to shoot the two back-to-back shots in the desert. I learned so much [during filming] from ‘Part One ‘that, if it happens, I can make a better movie with ‘Part Two’. And I’m grateful that it happened that way. I’d rather be in this position now than filming the two back-to-back movies and regret being too tired.” .


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