Dune, Critical. A Colossal Epic


Dune: Denis Villeneuve signs a round film with a great cast of actors and that has the prospect of becoming one of the great references of the genre. Dune belongs to that category of books whose film adaptation has been cursed. Ridley Scott resigned from the project due to the complexity of the script, David Lynch made a first approach in 1984 that was beaten by critics and the public and from which the filmmaker himself resigned due to its terrible editing. And already in 2000 another approach was tried through a three-chapter miniseries whose cast was headed by William Hurt.

Neither project came anywhere near the complexity and majesty posed by Frank Herbert in his saga, a special epic in which the planet Arrakis, also known as Dune, became the center of a universal conflict for control of the spice-drug (melange) that allowed both acquiring cognitive powers, lengthening life or making special trips by folding space.

Master in the creation of worlds

Villenueve, one of the greatest talents in current cinema in the elaboration of atmospheres (Blade Runner 2049, Sicario, The Arrival), has been the first to manage to transmit to the public part of the sensations that the work captures.

His first great success has been to put in order a complex story that admits many interpretations and he has done so by placing the pieces one after another, somewhat simplifying the depth of his characters and offering a story of ambition, politics and betrayal understandable to the viewer . It is a kind of space Game of Thrones, not in vain George R.R Martin was inspired by this story to create his universe. With him he shares many characteristics: different noble houses that fight for power, the hope of a Messiah, betrayals and an intangible evil that threatens everyone.

Dune is a multifaceted film where each viewer will focus on what is most familiar to him from the prism of today. Some will see certain parallels with the current political situation where two superpowers fail in their attempt to dominate a hostile land with an enormously valuable resource and inhabited by a people, the Fremen, with many cultural similarities to the Muslim. Others will interpret it as a hymn to ecology in the face of the indiscriminate exploitation of nature. For a few it is the struggle for power without any ethics and where economic and religious factions struggle to impose their influence regardless of the personal values ​​that have to be trampled. But above all those visions there is an epic tale on a planet, Arrakis, that fascinates with its desolate and serene beauty. The Villenueve Desert combines the adventurous component of David Lean in Lawrence of Arabia with the light and hostility of David O. Russell in Three Kings.


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