“Dune 2” will play Lea Seydoux as a key character


In Dune 2, Lea Seydoux plays Lady Margot, a key character in the Dune saga. Based on the best-selling science fiction novel of the same name by Frank Herbert, Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune” was released last fall and received rave reviews from both viewers and critics. The film tells about the journey of Paul Atreides (Timothy Chalamet), who together with his family goes to the dangerous desert planet Arrakis to use such a valuable resource of the planet, known as spice.

Shortly after the first film was released in theaters, Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment confirmed that Dune 2 is at an early stage of development, with a release date set for fall 2023. Little is known about the sequel yet, but the first film has already been released. the story is about the main exciting moment when Paul goes into the desert with the Fremont tribe to meet an unknown fate. It has been confirmed that Villeneuve will return as the director of “Dune 2”, and the return of stars Chalamet and Zendaya is also expected. While actors continue to be added to the cast of “Dune 2,” among those recently added to the sequel are Christopher Walken, Austin Butler and Florence Pugh.

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According to a new Variety report, Seydoux became the last actor to star in Dune 2, playing the role of Lady Margot Fenring, a member of the Bene Gesserit. While the character’s role in the upcoming film remains shrouded in mystery, Lady Margot played a crucial role in the book “Dune”, warning Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) about the grim fate that awaits House Atreides on Arrakis. The role of Lady Margot’s husband, Count Hasimir Fenring, has not yet been confirmed.

Although Seydoux has appeared in a number of major and minor roles since the early 2000s, the French actress will be best known to many American audiences thanks to her recent role as Madeleine Swann in the film “No Time to Die.” Most recently, Seydoux appeared in David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future” alongside Viggo Mortensen, a film whose premiere in Cannes caused numerous strikes. It is not yet known how noticeably Lady Margot performed by Seydoux will play in “Dune 2”, but it is expected that the filming of the project will begin before the end of this summer.

Villeneuve made several changes to the source material for the first Dune film, and it is likely that Lady Margot, who appears in Dune 2, will be different from the version that appears in the book. In fact, Lady Margot should have already appeared in the first Dune, given the chronology of the events depicted, but Villeneuve obviously decided to save the character for the sequel. It remains to be seen what surprises Dune 2 has in store for viewers, but at least the sequel boasts an even more impressive cast than the first film, and a cast that is likely to grow even more in the coming weeks and months. .