Duke Nukem Begins: Canceled Game Trailer Appears on YouTube


Duke Nukem Begins, a game that never existed, this week had the unveiling of an animated trailer that shows in great detail what the game could have been. The video, packaged by Rage Against the Machine’s Guerrilla Radio, shows Duke facing hordes of enemies as you’d expect, but the surprise is in perspective: third-person gameplay.

Apparently, Duke Nukem Begins would be a third-person shooter, not an FPS like Duke Nukem Forever. In the trailer we can see that the mechanic of using two weapons at the same time was very important for the game, and a feature to play in a PvE multiplayer mode is also highlighted.

The trailer was posted by Gregor Punchatz, who ran animation studio Janimation in 2008 and was invited by Gearbox to make a trailer for the game. He says the studio gave everything they had to this creation to seize the opportunity, and they believed in the opportunity to put their studio’s name on the map and compete with other major trailer producers.

But due to legal disputes at the time, Duke Nukem Begins was cancelled. Later, Gearbox followed with 3D Realms in creating Duke Nukem Forever, and the trailer that was finished was never used.

But Punchatz is said to be very satisfied with his work, so he wanted to show the trailer to the world. He also says that he hopes that the revelation of this video will somehow help to resurrect the project of a Duke Nukem Begins.


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