Dug Days: Animated Series Derived From The Movie Up Wins Trailer on Disney+


Dug Days:  One of Pixar’s most emotional and beloved animations, Up: High Adventures (2009), will win a spin-off series on Disney+ called Dug Days. The new attraction of the streaming service will focus on the dog that lives in Carl’s backyard, the charismatic and grumpy gentleman, and will show the daily life of the animated pet — who wears a collar that allows him to talk.

In addition to these characters, the title will have the return of the boy scout Russell and the squirrel that inhabits the surroundings of the house. Bob Peterson, voice of Dug, will return to his voice acting role of the original production and sign the direction and script.

Check out the first trailer and poster:

The episodes will be in the form of short films and will follow the bumbling adventures of the talkative Golden Retriever as he discovers the “dangers” of life in the suburbs. The series is the newest spin-off from the studio, which recently released Monsters at Work — a continuation of the feature Monsters SA.

Dug Days will hit Disney+ on September 1st.


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