Duffy’s concept from MultiVersus Fans could have been taken straight from the game


Daffy Duck may not have been confirmed as a playable character in MultiVersus yet, but some talented fans are already creating interesting conceptual assets and attack animations for the beloved Looney Tunes icon. Earlier this year, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Player First Games have confirmed rumors about a 2D platformer in the style of Super Smash Bros. with characters from a wide range of Warner-owned brands, including DC Comics, Cartoon Network and even HBO television. programs like “Game of Thrones”.

Naturally, the long-running Looney Tunes franchise was one of many such properties featured on Multiverse, and Bugs Bunny and the Tasmanian Devil were among the first fighters announced for the game. Shortly before the launch of the MultiVersus free beta in July, Warner Interactive confirmed that Looney Tunes’ Space Jam: A New Legacy co-star LeBron James would be lacing up his sneakers for another round with his animated friends, complete with an alternate Robin cosplay costume based on a memorable scene from that movie. However, Daffy Duck has not yet joined his colleagues from man, rabbit and Tasmanian devil in Multiverse, but this did not prevent some players from imagining what the appearance, characteristics and set of movements of the eternally cynical duck will be.

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According to VG24/7, a Platonic Games junior animator named Jorden Rutter started working on the Daffy Duck Multiverse concept character as a side project, eventually sharing an impressive animation of a battle-hungry waterfowl throwing its beak like a boomerang as its special attack. under his nickname SonicpoX on Twitter. It will inspire other artists to come up with their own ideas if Daffy Duck joins MultiVersus, in the form of fan animations, suggestions and conceptual assets such as a Twitter character custom card and technical designer Dylan Micheli, which lists all of Daffy’s hypothetical special moves.

Daffy Duck can be a great addition to MultiVersus

Although from Warner Bros. Interactive or Player First Games have not had any official word on whether Daffy Duck will be added to MultiVersus, the companies that created the new mascot fighter have promised a slew of new characters as MultiVersus releases its first expansion update. . In addition to the aforementioned LeBron James, the upcoming Multiverse Founder’s Pack promises to add at least 19 new playable fighters to the game, including the titular duo of Rick and Morty from the popular Adult Swim show.

Considering that he is one of the most famous members of the Looney Tunes library spanning a decade, and he has already made many appearances in video games, it’s not hard to imagine that Daffy Duck will be added as a playable character in Multiverse in the future. on the road- either as himself or as a space-age Duck Dodgers character. The impressive fan concepts developed by talented artists like Jorden Rutter and Dylan Micheli could be a fun preview of what Duffy’s playing style might be if and when he is ever confirmed as part of the growing list of MultiVersus game fighters – and they could easily get it wrong. for real game assets.


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