Due to a Twitch Malfunction, The Streaming Community Collapsed on January 3


Currently, Twitch is investigating a problem due to which several important aspects of the site are not loading, which makes it impossible for users to search and view broadcasts.

On January 3, many users reported that Twitch.tv is not working properly. On the main page, the recommended section at the top was empty. The streamers they subscribed to were not displayed on the sidebar, and the only content they could access were clips from past streams.

Further investigation revealed that streams cannot be accessed when visiting directories, and even if the number of current viewers is specified in the games, these tabs will appear to be devoid of streams.

This issue was confirmed by the Twitch support account on Twitter, which said: “We are investigating an issue preventing multiple Twitch areas from loading.” But without the ability of users to access the content, the platform remained in ruins.

Disabling Twitch makes the platform useless

Despite the fact that the number of live viewers is displayed on the site, this failure cannot be circumvented, and viewers cannot access the streams. Even manually entering the URL for a particular channel will result in a blank screen with no way to access the various tabs of the creator’s page.

Since there is no specific timeframe for solving these problems, we will have to wait until Twitch solves the download problems, or until we receive additional information from their support team.

At the same time, alternative streaming platforms like YouTube or Facebook Gaming are not currently facing any problems, so gamers can still receive live content.


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