DuckDuckGo Launches Service That ‘Cleans’ Email From Trackers


DuckDuckGo: Online search engine DuckDuckGo announced the Beta version of the Email Protection service. The solution “cleans” emails before forwarding them, eliminating “invisible” message trackers.

Regardless of the provider used, content that reaches the inbox can carry elements that collect metadata about the behavior of the person who opens it, such as the model of the device on which the action takes place and its location.

Such information, in addition to helping companies create a usage profile for displaying targeted advertisements, is subject to commercialization, that is, to end up in the hands of third parties. However, with the newness of DuckDuckGo, this should end.

Waiting list

As soon as registration with Email Protection is completed, the company explains, an address is generated. Afterwards, it is possible to provide it to registrations from various sites, which will then communicate with the recipient through it.

Before redirecting the material to the official inbox (be it from Gmail or Outlook, among others), the launch “sanitizes” it, removing even headers.

According to DuckDuckGo, no information other than the email address provided is saved on their servers as, it indicates, everything is just processed. The company claims the new will even protect the public from data leaks.

Finally, those interested in using the tool need to download the company’s app for iOS or Android and join the waiting list, since its development is not complete.


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