Duchess Meghan should receive an honorary GQ Awards award for this.


Duchess Meghan (41 years old) can achieve another success. The former actress and her husband Prince Harry (38) stayed in London for some time after the Queen’s death ( ✝ 96). It didn’t go quite smoothly for the Duchess — among other things, there was a suspicion that a candle was placed at the queen’s funeral in such a way that Meghan’s face was covered on television. Now the Sussexs have returned to the US, where it seems there is another good news: Duchess Meghan is to receive an honorary award at the GQ Men of the Year Award ceremony!

According to several insiders, the magazine, owned by the Condé Nast media company, should celebrate Megan for her charity work. “Meghan was offered one of the most important awards of the evening, which is a huge achievement for her,” a source told The Sun. “She already has a close relationship with GQ because of her friendship with Edward Enniful, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, who is also part of Condé Nast.” The source also said that Edward is more a friend than a business partner.

The GQ Man of the Year award was supposed to take place on September 7, but was postponed to the summer. It is claimed that the reason is that otherwise Megan would not have been able to participate. “Due to her small tour of Europe, Megan could not attend the originally scheduled date,” another insider noted.


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