Ducati gives up producing electric motorcycles in the coming years


Ducati went back after saying, in 2019, that the start of its electric motorcycle production was close. The company revealed that this work is no longer in the plans for the coming years because of factors such as usage experience.

The company’s global sales vice president, Francesco Milicia, explained about the company’s new position in an interview with the Motorcycle News website.

“Are we going to produce an electric Ducati soon? No. We think that, for the type of machine we produce now, an electric motorcycle will not guarantee the pleasure, range, weight and etc. that the riders expect ”, he argued.

Despite denying the plans, Milicia pointed out that the brand is working with electricity. He says that the energy matrix represents a good market opportunity and that other resources are being studied.

“We are also carefully analyzing other solutions for zero or minimum emissions, such as synthetic fuel. Other brands in our group, such as Porsche, are analyzing this and it is something that we are considering in the medium term,” he revealed.

Impact of the pandemic

In the same interview, Milicia commented on how the pandemic impacted Ducati’s business. The Global Vice President of Sales admitted that 2020 was a “complex and difficult” year.

“At first we thought the pandemic would affect only a few countries, but in March (last year) we could see how serious it was. In Italy, we had the highest mortality rate in that first wave and it was a very serious situation, especially in the North ( region where the company is located and 90% of its supply chain) ”.

However, even in this complicated scenario, the representative argued that the company managed to maintain profit and still increased sales in some countries worldwide. He said that the recovery has been very fast and exemplified the case of Streetfighter, which had a model launched last year and is selling more in 2021. “The Fasthouse Scrambler will be sold out in a matter of days,” he added.


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