Dubai Uses Technology To Create Rain And Combat Heat


Dubai: “I’m not the weather master, but I know it’s going to rain,” Chorão sang in the verses of the song Senhor do Tempo, by the band Charlie Brown Jr. In Dubai, this would be true, at least if the singer worked with technology from the National Center UAE Meteorology Department. With the help of aircraft and chemical dumping, scientists are making it “rain in the desert”.

Picture the scene: in midsummer, when the heat easily reaches 50 °C, torrential rain drenches a busy highway in Dubai’s region, causing difficult conditions for the flow of luxury cars that circulate through the place. Sudden waterfalls appear on the side of the road. You can stop imagining — the image is real. The heavy rains caused the appearance of waterfalls in the city of Al Ain and made the traffic conditions dangerous, according to the local press.

According to the UAE National Meteorological Center, precipitation in the city has been increased by cloud seeding operations to increase rainfall in the Gulf country. On Sunday, the UAE national meteorological service released a video of the heavy rains.

The cloud seeding operations are part of an ongoing mission to generate rain in the Middle East country, which has an average rainfall of just four centimeters.


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