Dualshock 4 version is available for PlayStation 5


One of the most curious topics for the next generation game console PlayStation 5 was whether PS4 would support the Dualshock 4 joystick.

PlayStation 5 is coming towards the end of the year in two versions, with and without disks for those who still do not know. The console, which came to the agenda with the news that it can easily be removed and replaced by the covers, comes with a new generation controller called DualSense, which you can see below. In addition to the control which has very advanced features, users will also be offered support for using Dualshock 4 with PS5. However, there is an explanation here that will upset some. Because, according to Sony, Dualshock 4 will only be available on PS5 when playing games for PS4. Special games for PS5 will only support DualSense. This is actually quite logical because many games are made according to the features of the new controller. Now it is necessary to look forward.

The technical details for PlayStation 5 are:

To recall again, the next-generation console gets its power from an eight-core processor built on AMD’s 3rd generation Zen architecture. Using the AMD-signed Radeon Navi family on the graphics side, the PS5 standardizes 4K gameplay and can climb up to 8K. Ray tracing support, which will advance the era of light effects, is among the remarkable details. In addition, the PS5’s 825 GB dedicated NVMe SSD unit operates at exactly 5,500 mbps.


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